log bedroom furniture setsLog bedroom sets consisting of bedroom furniture that are all made ​​from wood such as wooden beds, desks, cabinets and wood bookshelf. Choose this furniture if you are a nature lover who likes a quiet romantic atmosphere. The bedroom that uses log sets would look very classic and antique. However, do not be careless in choosing the type of wood to be used as your furniture. The type and texture of the wood will very affect the quality of the furniture. Continue reading

bedroom mirrored furnitureMirror bedroom furniture is a new design of bedroom style. This style requires many things for you to enhance your comfort in rest. You will get many advantages from this kind of design. This is also necessary to remember that you need to consider one main thing in this bedroom design. It is about your comfort. Having comfortable bedroom will make your sleep quality better, which will affect to all your life aspects. Continue reading

antique bedroom furniture setsAntique bedroom sets are the kinds of bedroom, furniture which have been organized in sets. It makes the buyers easier in getting the furniture they want. Having sets will not cost you a lot. Bedroom sets will give you easiness in organizing your bedroom with furniture from a same design. So, decorating your bedroom is no longer difficult. The special thing about this kind of bedroom set is its antique design. It shows the beauty and valuable furniture for you Continue reading

gray and green bedroom ideas

Gray bedroom ideas are the popular bedroom design in the modern era. Grey is popular in the interior design. As we know, every color has certain elements that can affect our mood and conditions. Interior designers tend to apply color psychology to create a room with different style and setting each other. In recent years, the interior design is dominated by neutral colors like gray, cream, beige, brown, and light brown. Continue reading