log bedroom furniture sets

Log bedroom sets consisting of bedroom furniture that are all made ​​from wood such as wooden beds, desks, cabinets and wood bookshelf. Choose this furniture if you are a nature lover who likes a quiet romantic atmosphere. The bedroom that uses log sets would look very classic and antique. However, do not be careless in choosing the type of wood to be used as your furniture. The type and texture of the wood will very affect the quality of the furniture. You should select wood with hard texture like teak. Teak is the best type of wood, especially for bedroom furniture. Dark natural wood is perfect paired with other furniture from the chrome, stainless steel, glass or mirrors materials.

How to Maintenance Log Bedroom Sets

Since wood is a natural material, so its maintenance is very important. It will make the furniture beautiful and not dull. The main treatment of wood furniture is by varnishing. It makes the furniture shiny and durable so that your bedroom will be more wonderful. You should clean your wood furniture every day. You just need to clean its surfaces by a damp cloth carefully. Let’s not put the furniture where it can be exposed to sun directly because the sun can fade its color. The most importantly, clean the sidelines of furniture from dust using a dry cloth.

Plus and Minus of Log Sets

Currently, there are a lot of the basic materials to make bedroom furniture. Even though there are modern materials such as iron, steel and plastic, wood is still the material that is widely used. Wood is resistant to the pressure and impact. Besides, wood also have high artistic value visually. However, there are some disadvantages of wood. It is not fireproof, vulnerable attacked by insects such as termites, and sensitive to moisture. Therefore, take care of your wood furniture regularly.

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