hipster bedroom design

Hipster bedroom became popular in recent years. It is much favored by the young people who want a different atmosphere in their bedroom. Hipster is a new lifestyle trend that recycles retro and anti-mainstream style. The hallmarks of hipster are they like something unusual in fashion, music tastes to lifestyle. They are very confident and assume their lifestyle is cool. This unique style has begun to touch the bedroom decorations. The hipsters who have high imagination are very smart in mixing and matching the furniture in the room.


The Accessories in Hipster Bedroom

There are anti-mainstream accessories in the hipster bedroom. They are not feminine or cute. This bedroom is usually decorated with large posters on the walls with dim shades tend to dark. Other accessories that always exist in the room are pieces of LPs containing indie music. They prefer LPs than CDs because it is more unique and rarely owned by people. For the women, they can add whimsical accessories that are rarely used in the bedroom such as colorful balloons that hung on room ceiling or the wall decoration that made by ​​themselves based on their creativity.


How do set up the room with the hipster concept?

The hipster rooms are always stylish identical with the crowded and full ornament decorations. Even for some people, the more crowded decoration, the more cool their rooms. For lighting, usually they use a series of large lanterns or fairy lights strung around the roof of the bedroom. Some of them also add a valance to cover the bed. It gives the impression of bleak and mysterious. Actually this style can be very beautiful and attractive if arranged with the right proportions and colors. That should be appreciated is their imaginations and creativity in creating unique designs that have never imagined by common people.

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