moroccan themed bedrooms

Moroccan bedroom models can be considered as one of the best of the bedroom ideas that you can find in Middle East. Unfortunately, if you are not living around that area, this kind of Moroccan style will not perfectly match the condition around your place. However, you might want to opt to pick one or two concepts from the bedroom in Moroccan that you can apply in your own bedroom.


Moroccan Bedroom in the Western

If you are looking for some things that you can take from the Moroccan style bedroom while living in the western area, you can try the light first. The considerably dimmed light in red colors is one nice thing to feel the sensation of the Moroccan style. Besides red, some other colors such as orange and yellow can also one good example. The color theme of the bedroom is the next thing that you can simply apply. For the color theme of the room, you have to consider in matching the color with the lights. or else, you might want to use the wallpapers that have the Moroccan theme so that you will feel sleeping in the bedroom in Morocco.


The Rug for bedroom with Moroccan Theme

When you are applying the Moroccan theme for the bedroom, there is one thing that you should not forget. It is the rug or the carpet. We all know that the Moroccan style is closely related with the rug or carpet, either for the base of the flooring or the decoration of the bedroom. You can choose any of those options. However, when you are choosing the carpet or rug for the bedroom in Moroccan style bedroom, you really have to consider the motives and patterns of the carpet. The pattern and motif of the Moroccan style carpet is considerably distinctive, so you might want to buy the carpet in a store selling the Moroccan decorations.

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