purple and pink bedroom ideas

Pink bedroom ideas can said as one of the most important thing that you might want to cosndier when you are in the search of the best ideas for decoration the bedroom for your daughter. We all know that pink is identical with girls, so you might want to give this kind of color theme for the bedroom. However, the color is not enough. You also have to consider in some furniture exchange to support this kind of theme for your daughter’s bedroom.


Pink Bedroom Ideas by painting the Walls

When you want to give the pink theme for the bedroom of your daughter, you might also want to consider giving some accents on the wall of the bedroom. Nowadays you can find many patterns and pictures from the wallpapers, but some people think that the motif of the wallpaper is a little bit monotonous. If you are also thinking about the same thing, you might want to paint the walls on your own. There are no limitations when you are painting the walls on your own. You can paint small things on the walls, or you can also paint the big things on the walls. The choice is all up to you.


Pink Flowers for Bedroom Paintings

If you do not know the paintings that will match the pink color of the bedroom, you might want to try flowers. You can either paint the big size flowers or the small size flowers. When you are painting the big size flowers, you can use the wall side facing the entrance for the spot. Therefore, you will get a totally nice view of the pink flowers inside the bedroom once you enter it. If you want to paint some small flowers, then you might want to consider the flowers as the accent. You can paint the vein-like flowers around the room or the accent of the big flowers that you painted before.

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