bedroom ideas for teenage girls

Teenage girl bedrooms makeover can be considered as something that you will surely do at least once in your lifetime. That is because most of the teenage girls have the unstable feeling so that they want to change many things often. If you are a parent that has this kind of girls, then you can do some of these tricks to simply change the look of the bedroom for your teenage girls.


Teenage Girl Bedrooms Makeover Using Wallpaper

We all know that using wallpaper for the instant theme change is very common nowadays. That is why you will be able to find many kinds of wallpapers with many kinds of pattern and motif. As an addition, this kind of thing can be one great solution for your problem when your teenage girl wants to change the look of her room in an instant. The various numbers of color, motif and pattern that you can pick can be one positive thing that will surely make your teenage girl happy. Besides that, the price to get one is considerably cheaper than changing the furniture inside the bedroom. The price for the changes might not be more than 500 US dollars.


Makeover your Teenage Bedroom Using Paints

If you think that the price for the wallpaper is a little bit expensive, you might want to consider giving a new paint for the bedroom of your teenage girl. The cost can be halved of the wallpaper cost. However, when you decide to paint the wall on your own, you might want to give some patterns or motives for the wall, since using the monotonous colors will surely bore your teenage girl in no time at all. As an addition, you can also paint something great on the wall. You just need to think that you are an artist that is given the very big canvas to draw something nice for your teenage girl.

bedroom for teenage girls


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