gray and green bedroom ideas


Gray bedroom ideas are the popular bedroom design in the modern era. Grey is popular in the interior design. As we know, every color has certain elements that can affect our mood and conditions. Interior designers tend to apply color psychology to create a room with different style and setting each other. In recent years, the interior design is dominated by neutral colors like gray, cream, beige, brown, and light brown. They have been able to be combined with other colors. The color is most often applied to the modern interior design of the bedroom is gray. It has soothing effect that can calm our mind.


Why gray bedroom Ideas is very popular?

Gray color is preferred because when combined with the right accents like metallic colors, it will make the room very amazing. However, you should not use the too dark gray because they emit a sad mood and can make the room look narrowed. You should choose a light gray as the main color that dominates the bedroom walls and furniture. It can provide a cooling effect on your room.


What colors are matched to be combined with the gray?

Although gray is a neutral color, you can still make it as a romantic and elegant color. The key is you have to be smart in choosing the color combination. Gray that combined with romantic white will give a very pretty unity. You can also apply the gray on the carpet or wall paints of your room. The other is a combination of gray, white and black. Gray walls with black curtains will be very modern. Besides, white linen with gray accents on pillows and blankets can also sweeten your room. In addition, the gray is also perfect paired with green. This color will bring the feel of fresh, shady, calm yet firm and authoritative. This combination will make you feel closer to nature.

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