guest bedroom color ideas

One of guest bedroom ideas are the bedroom that designed in minimalist style. It is simple because guest bedroom is used only for a while with a capacity just for few people. Usually, it reserved for family and relatives who will visit and stay at home. Therefore, you have to make them comfortable while sleeping there. Even though its design is minimalist, you can make the room feel fun with the arrangement and room lighting that fitted and aligned. Welcome your guests with appropriate facilities so they feel at home and not hesitate to come back again.


The Simple Guest Bedroom Ideas

The limited space of guest bedroom must be arranged as effective as possible. You should use modern style with simple and minimalist furniture. Modern design not only optimizes every space of the room, but also the functions of the furniture so that no space is wasted. Complete the room with minimalist bathroom so the guests do not need to exit when they want to go to bathroom. Make it simple yet clean and comfortable. For colors, modern style always applies the soft and elegant neutral colors.


Minimalist Furniture in Guest Bedroom

Since it is only used for a few days, you should not put too much furniture in the guest bedroom. The main furniture needed include a bed, wardrobe, lamps, table and chair. If you have more budgets, it will be better if you add a television cabinet to make guests feel more relaxed. This furniture is a device of television table that can be used also as a storage area. It is usually equipped with bookshelves on the top. Place the flower vase beside the television to give the sweet and fresh look of the whole room. You can also add accesories such as a painting that hung above the bed.

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