teenage girl bedroom decorating ideas

Girls bedroom decor is identical with colorful interior design. Due to the nature of teenagers who easily get bored, they should be participated in designing their bedroom. The role of parents is also important to control their daughter’s ideas that are sometimes too much creative in decorating her room. Before determining the decorations, you should note about the fund, themes and materials for decoration. Furthermore, the selection of colors, beddings, wallpaper, and furniture will greatly affect the appearance of the bedroom. The decoration should be suited to the nature and character of each girl. There are two dominant characters of girls; feminine and tomboyish.

Feminine Girls Bedroom Decor

Bedroom is a main private room for girls. They often spend time lingering in the room carry out all of their personal activities. Usually, feminine girls’ bedroom applies girly colors such as pink, shocking pink, purple, or red. They love all things that tend to be romantic and soft. For properties, they choose cute and unique furniture ranging from wardrobes, beds, desks, bookshelves until a bin. The unique and colorful carpet can also be added into the bedroom. For those who like collecting dolls, provide a place or cabinet in order to keep them clean.

Bedroom Decoration for Tomboyish Girls

Tomboyish girls have very different character to the feminine ones. They are more simple and easy going. However, it does not mean that they do not care about their bedroom. They also have their own ideas and tastes in decorating the room. They usually decorate the room with a simple style with neutral and masculine colors like blue, cream, white, ivory white or the blend of black and white. The selected furniture is also minimalist yet still fashionable. Furniture that must exist in their room is a set of TV cabinet, speaker and internet device. Some posters also will complete the wall decor.

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